The Front Porch Library blows out the candles!

6th birthday, giant cookie.Last Sunday we celebrated the 6th birthday of the Front Porch Library. As my partner in crime, Kary says, “It seems like longer than that, doesn’t it?”

Indeed it does–so many kids have come through the FPL, so much glue, craft paper, sidewalk chalk, reading aloud, shooting hoops, learning Greek mythology–and while cleaning for the party I came across the flash cards I’d made to teach Latin root words.

We’ve covered a lot of territory in those six years.

As always we spent several Sundays cooking for the event. This year we served dinner for 35, including two teachers who drove all the way from Jacksonville to be part of the festivities.

6th birthday--with hats.I can’t thank the volunteers enough–and the spontaneous acts of generosity, like Craig performing his famous Ydon the pirate magic trick and organizing a group poem.

Meg, who had just catered a wedding brought all the leftover flowers and put flowers anywhere that would hold a stem, like the door frame and the driveway umbrellas.

Kary did a photo booth. Mr. John supervised the kitchen. Tina and Maya helped get the library ready for the gathering. Donna, Meg, Penny, Heather and others did a heroic clean-up.

Between the arrival of the twins, screeching into the driveway and the last kid trailing off down the street we ate, messed with Play-Doh, shot hoops, tossed water balloons, built cities in the living room. It was a class-A celebration of a BIG community effort.

Want to see more photos from the party? Visit our website.

A big welcome from Oceanway Middle School!

Oceanway Middle School sure knows how to greet an author!
Oceanway Middle School sure knows how to greet an author!

This is the “hello” I got when I arrived at Oceanway Middle School. At one of my sessions a girl asked, “Did you like the sign over the door? My sister painted it!”

To keep the sessions small reading specialist Brenda Albury and I decided we’d go with fifteen sessions over the two day visit. I talked myself silly, but the students were so focused and polite it was a treat to be there.

Here’s the great backdrop in the Media Center.

The Oceanway ship sets sail--with my books on board!
The Oceanway ship sets sail–with my books on board!

Cass and Jemmie were definitely here–they left their footprints behind.

A project by Mrs. Edghill's students.
A project by Mrs. Edghill’s students.

Oceanway students collected books for the kids of The Front Porch Library. Photos to follow…