Higgledy Piggledy

Sister Spider Knows AllI bet you all know what a haiku poem is. Seventeen syllables in three lines divided 5-7-5.

But that is nowhere near as tricky as writing a Higgledy Piggledy. The rules are so complicated I won’t even share them with you. They will make you either: a. sleepy, or b. pull your hair out, and we can’t have that.

I would never attempt to write one and I am pretty sure you wouldn’t either, but Gary Crew, a librarian at the Leon County Public Library wrote one for me (I was doing an evening program).

And here it is!


Higgledy Piggledy…

Adrian Fogelin

Writes books with great kids who’re

People she sees…


My fav’rite book’s a look


Set at an int’resting

Market for fleas…


In case you can’t guess which book Gary is describing I’ve included a big hint.