Back to school.

Matthew at the institute

I hope your summer was great, that you swam a lot, hung out, maybe even read a book or two.

Wonder what writers do in the summer?

I don’t know what those other writers do, but I grew a lot of tomatoes, did projects with the kids in my neighborhood and hung out with the boy in the picture who seems to be inventing the universe. That’s my grandson, Matthew, and today is his first day of kindergarten.

And I sat at this desk and wrote. Writers don’t really get the whole summer off (but that’s okay, we like our jobs). I’m working on a new book–a ghost story, and getting ready to visit schools in Miami and St. Pete, so I guess I’m back at school too.

Teachers, please consider an author visit, either in person or virtual. An author visit makes books come to life. It proves that behind each book is a real person.

My specialty is getting kids excited about writing by doing innovative exercises either orally or in writing workshops.

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