What I really look like.

Every year as school comes to an end, my singing partner, Craig Reeder (the other half of the duo Hot Tamale) and I play for a really enthusiastic audience, the kids of Crawfordville Elementary.

Here’s what we look like when we are up on that stage playing for K-3rd.

I think those are the notes floating over us. And check out Craig’s slick move with his guitar.

Or maybe we look like this–I never noticed how bald and big-headed Craig is, or how skinny my legs are.

Here you can see that it is a really, really tall stage and that Craig has somehow grown a top hat. I appear to be holding a puppet. Puppet? The puppet was last year when we did “Puff the Magic Hippo.” Hmmm.

¬†Okay, this is possibly my favorite. Get a load of our hair! Are we cool or what? And Craig is wielding the biggest guitar in the known universe…. Don’t worry. He uses it for good, not evil.