Done at last!

the end

I just finished the first draft of my next novel. Not to give the ending away, but here is the very last thing on the very last page:

. (Yup, it ends with a period).

I’d like to tell you the title, but a title either appears in my brain like some loud prop plane trailing a huge banner with the title emblazoned it, or it hides in the weeds and it takes several drafts of the book for me to find it.

Here is the basic premise of the story.

What if time is a commodity distributed throughout the universe from a central location that enters each place through some kind of portal, for example a bead that hangs around the neck of its latest earthly keeper, a fifteen-year-old girl named Beatrice Summers?

And what if that commodity is limited and worlds that are being starved for time would like to pirate what this inexperienced keeper is guarding?

This book without a name is the opening novel in a trilogy. Not too give too much away but here is how volumes two and three will probably end:

. and .