Miracle Mountain Writer’s Retreat.

13923328_10210737144931294_4237416309831891465_oIt’s a July tradition. Writer’s gather on a mountain overlooking Maggie Valley (we are a mile up, the clouds below). Organized by Dr. Joan Kaywell, many in the group are teachers and professors in their so-called real lives.

I teach writing workshops twice a day and critique the writers’ works in progress. Joan’s husband Frank, and mine, Ray, were the chef and sous-chef–and boy did we eat.

Priscilla Estes taught yoga morning and evening and we hiked up and down the steep grade at the top of the mountain between the two retreat houses (thanks to Charlie and Dee for housing some of us and having a table long enough to accommodate so many writers).

It seemed as if the butterflies were having a mountaintop retreat as well. The phlox in front of Priscilla’s house was alive with swallowtails. And then there were the bears… This was our third retreat, and I will probably say this every year, but it was the best. So much good writing, good food, good fellowship. It was hard to return to the sea level of real life.

Here’s our group: