Fiction Among Friends Writing Retreats–coming right up!

Writers who are also women find it hard to put themselves and their goal to complete that novel, memoir, collection of short stories, first. That is why the all-female writing retreat, Fiction Among Friends, gathers at the start of each year on St. George Island.

There are two different sessions, each lasting a week. I teach two workshops a day on the craft of writing, and critique and edit pages of works in progress–writers are free to sit out workshops if they are on a hot streak.

The beauty of the place–“Always Awesome,” the house we rent, is right on the beach, which we seem to have all to ourselves; the home cooking, and most of all the company of other committed writers, makes the week away from the demands of our so-called real lives inspiring, peaceful, and productive.

We still have a slot or two in each of the sessions. To check the retreat out, visit our “Fiction Among Friends” Facebook page.

To reserve a spot contact Perky Granger by Messenger, by email at, or by phone: 352-463-3089.

I hope to see you on the island!