The Poems That Hide Under Your Bed.

Boy, it’s been a while since I last posted. What am I working on? A collection of poems about the stuff that makes a kid feel lonely, worried, bored, frustrated, or…well…just plain scared.

There’s plenty about family, school, monsters, bullies, getting caught, messing up.

Here’s a short sample:

Walking to the Bus

Big brothers walk too fast.

They say, big kids first

Little kids last.


Their big friends say

We don’t like babies,

you little kids have

Cooties and rabies.

We have to run

to keep up.

We scrape a knee

but get back up.

Cause we don’t want

To miss the bus.

Big kids aren’t

As tough as us.


Want to see a couple of the poems performed? The performers are me and my music partner, Craig Reeder.

Here are the links: