How about a little music?

Growing up, there were a lot of things I wanted to be–all of them impractical and artistic–and I think I’ve done every single one of them.

I’ve been a sculptor, an illustrator, a wildlife artist, an amateur actress, a novelist, and a musician of the singing, barely-adequate guitar playing variety.

In high school I was in a string of bands with names like Half Price Paradise and King Snail. I sang in duos through college, and jammed under tiki huts in the Florida Keys when my family was living aboard a boat.

And then I put the guitar away for so long it got warped by the damp closet air aboard that boat.

Then, one day, I was helping a friend sell her pottery at an outdoor market and there was this guy busking, just standing on the sidewalk with his guitar singing songs, most of which I knew pretty  darned well. I figured he could use a little harmony, so I walked over and added some.

The busker’s name was Craig Reeder (still is), and pretty soon I was adding a little harmony every Saturday at the Downtown Market.

One day one of us asked, “Do you think we should practice?” We decided it couldn’t hurt. So we did. And we did. And we did.

Then we made it official.We chose the band name Hot Tamale¬†after an old Robert Johnson tune that proclaims, “Hot tamales and they’re red hot. She got ’em for sale.”

We freely admit it takes both of us to make one decent hot tamale.

Now we play all over the place and write lots of original music from the foolish, like The Dead Turtle Song, to the serious, like Five Years Old.

There is nothing like music to make a person feel better, so take that old guitar out of the closet, or, if all you have in there is plain old boring clothes, get yourself one.

If you’d like to hear some Hot Tamale tunes you can go to our music website. We have some wonderful CDs too.

Craig is a great promoter, but he makes no claims that cannot be substantiated. We are, in fact, the best neo-Vaudeville dual-kazoo playing duo in the south…make that south as in Florida…North Florida to be more accurate…in the Tallahassee area…at least within the beltway.

Yup, we’re that good.