How about a virtual author visit?

An author visit can be a BIG DEAL requiring HUGE amounts of planning and book fairs to raise money, and questions like, is the author allergic to anything? How the heck will the author get here? Who is going to pick the author up from the hotel?

Or you can do the visit virtually. No need to feed, house or transport the author. Just set up a SKYPE call. It’s easy.

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What I really look like.

Every year as school comes to an end, my singing partner, Craig Reeder (the other half of the duo Hot Tamale) and I play for a really enthusiastic audience, the kids of Crawfordville Elementary.

Here’s what we look like when we are up on that stage playing for K-3rd.

I think those are the notes floating over us. And check out Craig’s slick move with his guitar.

Or maybe we look like this–I never noticed how bald and big-headed Craig is, or how skinny my legs are. Read more

A big welcome from Oceanway Middle School!

Oceanway Middle School sure knows how to greet an author!
Oceanway Middle School sure knows how to greet an author!

This is the “hello” I got when I arrived at Oceanway Middle School. At one of my sessions a girl asked, “Did you like the sign over the door? My sister painted it!”

To keep the sessions small reading specialist Brenda Albury and I decided we’d go with fifteen sessions over the two day visit. I talked myself silly, but the students were so focused and polite it was a treat to be there.

Here’s the great backdrop in the Media Center.

The Oceanway ship sets sail--with my books on board!
The Oceanway ship sets sail–with my books on board!

Cass and Jemmie were definitely here–they left their footprints behind.

A project by Mrs. Edghill's students.
A project by Mrs. Edghill’s students.

Oceanway students collected books for the kids of The Front Porch Library. Photos to follow…

Headed for Oceanway Middle School!

I know school is about to end for the year–I bet you all have big plans–I sure do.

But before the janitor locks the doors and the teachers put on their flip-flops and throw away their red pencils I am going to do one last school visit in Jacksonville, Florida at Oceanway Middle School.

Brenda Albury, the Reading Specialist has given me a big heads up–I will be greeted by MASSIVELY AMAZING PROJECTS based on my books.

How about if I take some pictures and post them when I get back? After all, MASSIVELY AMAZING PROJECTS don’t happen every day.

Okay, I’ll do it.

Stand by.