Walk Together


One of my jobs as a storyteller is to talk about what is going on in the world–or what I would like to see going on in the world–that might fall into the genre, fantasy.

But maybe not.

What we hope for always happens first in our minds.

So, what I hope for is a world in which we recognize our shared humanity and help each other. My singing partner, Craig Reeder, and I have set that hope to music.

The video that accompanies the song is full of images of people coming together to protest injustice, and to offer each other aid when natural disaster strikes.

As the song asserts, we are all members of one human family, and what we can do when we come together is mighty.

Click HERE to watch the video and hear the song.


What I really look like.

Every year as school comes to an end, my singing partner, Craig Reeder (the other half of the duo Hot Tamale) and I play for a really enthusiastic audience, the kids of Crawfordville Elementary.

Here’s what we look like when we are up on that stage playing for K-3rd.

I think those are the notes floating over us. And check out Craig’s slick move with his guitar.

Or maybe we look like this–I never noticed how bald and big-headed Craig is, or how skinny my legs are. Read more

Need a little music?

IMG_2558When I am not writing books I’m usually making a lot of noise.

I mean, music.

I’m half of a duo called “Hot Tamale.”

Yes, it takes two of us to make one hot tamale–and one decent song writing team.



Craig Reeder and I write music about everything from falling in love on a Greyhound bus (if you’ve ever ridden the Greyhound you know the bus is more smelly than romantic) to watering okra (somebody had to write about it).

Craig at FTHWe recently wrote a song that covers a life from age 5 through, well, the end.

Then we decided to make a video. It was harder than we thought. We begged everyone we knew for photos and Craig put the whole thing together.

The girl standing in front of the lighthouse is me at 19. The woman dancing with her new husband is my daughter, Josie. The older couple walking along with their arms around each other is my parents.

The voices you hear are mine and Craig’s.¬†We are both playing guitar–but if a lick sounds really good, Craig is definitely the one playing it.

Take a look. Take a listen.